Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holidays are over. Still down for the count for now. Staring at the ceiling at night thinking about building a sporty with a zero engineering frame and an old school Triumph tank.

The Value of Slowing Down
We can afford to drop our defensiveness and listen to our colleagues; we can afford to be imaginative and open. If we slow down and drop our resistance to work’s unpleasantness, we discover that we are resourceful enough to be daring, free from fear and arrogance. Such confidence enables us to know instinctively which situations need to be confronted, which should be nourished, and which can be disregarded. Mahakala reminds us to sharpen up during times of conflict, to be mindful and pay attention. With such alertness we can in fact preserve the sanity of our workplace even during extreme discord.
- Michael Carroll, "Mahakala at Work"

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