Sunday, November 13, 2011

The oil leak around the valve guide finally killed her. She's out of commission until I rebuild the top end.

I'm sure you may have noticed that I pussed out and put the front fender back on. Now that we are going into winter, I'm getting too old (ok I'm just lame) to eat second hand snow and rain off the road.  I'm not making an excuse, I will wear my pussified badge of honor.

Beyond Duality
I say recognize that the absolute is the relative, that nirvana is relativity. There is no way of not making a decision, and within every decision there's always a better or a worse. They are not equal. This attempt to go beyond good and evil posits some dualistic idea about nirvana. But let's not be dualistic. Nirvana is not someplace else. To go beyond good and evil means that good and evil are relative aspects that require choices.
— Robert Thurman, "The Politics of Enlightenment"

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